Thursday, September 30, 2004


Who is the Jihad?

The philosphy of Jihad followed by Osama bin Laden was formulated by al Q'tab who held that secular governments which effectively seperate G-d's law from the laws of man are evil; i.e. they propogate the work of the devil. The correct course of action when dealing with the devil is to destroy him and his minions. Jihadists do not believe it is wrong to murder non-believers because the choices they have made in life are contrary to G-d's law. The Jihad movement will only be satisfied when the Devil's work on earth is destroyed and Islamic law, as they understand it, becomes supreme. In this respect they are the worst form of tyranical fundamentalists. They are the antithisis of Western liberalism. And like "The Terminator" they will never stop...until the acheive their goals or die trying.

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