Sunday, October 17, 2004


Bob Shrum Joins "Fair-Game" Chorus

Given the smelly kettle of fish that Kerry is in over his "Mary Chaney is a lesbian" debate remark, who would believe, in their wildest dreams, that Bob Shrum would go on Meet the Press, and in defense of Kerry's actions, reiterate Mary Beth Cahill's gaffe that "Mary is fair game." Shockingly, this is exactly what he did, twice, when he said:

"Vice President Cheney brought up his daughter's private life. When Senator Edwards brought it up--and by the way, she was a public figure because she was director of gay and lesbian affairs for the Coors Brewing Company. When he brought it up, he said, Thank you. So what's wrong with it--Senator Kerry obviously was trying to say something positive".

And again, when he explained away the inappropriatness of the remark by stating:

"Mary Chaney is an official of the Bush campaign"

There is an obvious rift in the Kerry camp over the handling of this issue. Joe Lockhart stuck to the warm and fuzzy when questioned on Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace. He said there was no orchestrated debate tactic, just two swell guys reaching out to the other side with love and compassion. Shrum, on the other hand, used the old lawyers trick of playing both sides against the middle by explaining that (a) Kerry was just being a sensitive and caring fellow, but if that dog don't hunt than (b) Cheney brought it on himself when he allowed his lesbian daughter to become a part of the campaign.

I don't think this is a situation where you can have it both ways. Either the remark was appropraite or it wasn't. It can't be appropriate on the one hand and require a far-fetched excuse on the other.

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