Saturday, October 02, 2004


Bunker Busters R Us

There are at least five problems with John Kerry's debate proposition that the US, and by extension the world, is better off by not persuing a new class of bunker-bustin nuclear weapons:

(1) It is old, pre-9/11 reasoning that does not take into account the truely heineous nature of our enemies: they will stop at nothing to destroy us because their jihad is based on the belief that our secular Western governments are evil and that their destruction serves God's plan.

(2) Its basic premise is moral-equivalence; simply that powerful weapons in the hands of the US are no more righteous than powerful weapons in the hands of anyone else. This is false on several counts, most notably that we are the world's only effective super-power/police force and our use of powerful weapons in the persuit of terrorists is a constructive behavior that brings value to the world.

(3) It is a sophisticated, nuanced argument that is lost on the American people. We want "high-Noon" justice for Islamist Jihadists. We do not feel bad when the town marshal has a faster draw or a better six-shooter when he faces Bad Bart. We want him to win. We don't care if it's "fair".

(4) It is inherantly NOT a matter of nuclear proliferation. "Proliferation" applies to the acquisition of strategic nuclear weapons that may be used as deterance in a mutual self-destruction context. Bunker Bustin Nukes are tactical weapons that do not contribute to the "Nuclear Arms Race".

(5) It is parlour-trick public policy. It belies the other Kerry statements on the need to supply our armed forces with everything they need to prosecute the war on terror. Kerry: "I will ensure our fighting men and women have all the equipment they need to be successful...except bunker-bustin weapons that can actually kill the enemy in their hideouts" is an absurd position for anyone to take except in the context of a political debate.

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