Saturday, October 16, 2004


Kerry Loses Presidency...Makes Highlight Reel

How deep a hole did John Kerry dig himself when he called the VPOTUS' daughter a lesbian in the polite company of a national debate? The polls will tell the inevitable truth, but those of us with gut-feel already know the answer: John Kerry has lost the presidency. Common sense says that everything Kerry and Edwards said in the debates was calculated, political material. Something this controversial could not have been left to chance. They were both singing from the same hymnal, but Kerry's version of the remark went over like a lead baloon. Common sense also says they did it as a not too subtle attempt to dislodge a bigot or two from the Bush bandwagon. Too clever by half, as the Brits say. Now they've gone and offended all the normal, unsophisticated voters in fly-over country and buggered their shot at the white house in the bargain. As a consolation prize, Kerry will have the special honor of joining all the other losers in the media highlight reel that gets trrotted out every election cycle. I suggest they play the "Kerry lesbian cut" right after they show Nixon sweating under the stage lights and right before Reagan sticks it to Walter Mondale.

Mr. Mxlkpix
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