Thursday, October 07, 2004


Only the Nexus Matters

It matters not a whit that stockpiles of WMD have not been found in Iraq. Likewise it is irrelevant whether a direct operational link was established between Sadaam and Osama prior to 9/11. The only thing that matters in the post-9/11 context is the possibility of a current or future coupling of the asymetrical terrorist forces of the Islamist Jihad with a rogue nation-state which could provide them with safe-havan, training, and advanced weaponry. Kerry-Edwards and the Mainstream Media would have us believe we are at war with the perpetrators of the Twin-Towers bombing only--no more no less. But the threat to Western liberal democracy is far broader: it extends to every corner of the globe, and includes both terrorist organizations and the enabling governments where they receive succor and safe-haven. That Kerry-Edwards refuse to acknowlege the obvious global nature of the Islamist Jihad is a major red flag. When was the last time you heard either of them acknowledge that al Queda is active in the Phillippnes, in Indonesia, in Sudan, in Saudi Arabia, in Russia et al? Are we really supposed to wait for the next attack before we can take steps to drain the many swamps they inhabit? Are we really supposed to wait until they trade their grenade launchers for far deadlier armaments? Why does everyone on the left persist in arguing that the only legitimate reason to attack Iraq would be a proven link to the 9/11 attacks? Why do they refuse to acknowlege that the Nexus of terrorist elements and rogue states is potentially far more deadly? The answer is pure politics. They purposefully misrepresent the serious rationale of the Bush doctrine for purely political gain. Only the nexus matters; but to believe the democrats, only the crime committed on 9/11 matters. This is a shockingly naive view of the current crisis.

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