Monday, October 18, 2004


A Symposium of Choice: Bush Versus Kerry

The only thing that matters, post-9/11, is the risk Islamist terrorists will join forces with rogue nation-states which may provide the terrorists with safe-haven, training, and advanced weaponry. Kerry is on the wrong side of this issue because he believes we are at war with the perpetrators of the Twin-Towers bombing ONLY...and that a worldwide coalition of law-enforcement professionals and special-op units can effectively deal with the threat and return us to pre-9/11 "nuisance" levels of terrorist activity. Bush recognizes that the threat to Western liberal democracy is far broader; that it extends to every corner of the globe, and includes both the terrorist organizations themselves and the enabling governments where they receive support and safe-haven. That Kerry refuses to acknowledge the far greater threat of this deadly nexus makes him unfit to lead and protect our nation. And lest we allow the dynamics of the election season to confuse us, it is important to note Kerry has been on the wrong side of this and similar national defense issues for the breadth of his career. Given the chance, he will engineer a softer, weaker American response to Islamist terrorism. Bush, on the other hand, understands that the era of defensive posture is over. It ended on 9/11. The only sane course of action is to take the fight to the Islamists: to take down the governments that support them, kill or capture their leadership, and so disrupt their evil operations that they become incapable of launching another major attack against us on American soil. This then is the difference. And for this day and this age it is the only difference that matters.

Mr. Mklkpix
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