Saturday, October 02, 2004


Will Death-Cult Terrorists Ever Lay Down Their Arms?

Warning: This is a very politically incorrect post: Terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere have taken a page from Colombian drug lords in their practice of kidnapping for monetary and political gain: They kidnap some poor soul, demand ransom (and get it from the weak-sister nations) and then use the money to finance horrible new acts of terror. Communist insurgents in Central America used this technique to great effect. But unlike the South and Central American kidnap cults, Islamist terrorist are not subject to normal disincentives (jail, execution, etc.), BECAUSE THEY ARE DEATH CULTS. They simply do not care if they themselves are killed in the execution of their work. In fact, they consider it a singular badge of honor to martyr themselves in battle with infidels. Clearly, it is impossible to stop someone who embraces death with relish using "normal" military or law enforcement practices. There will always be some new sap in their ranks who will fill the void left by the latest martyr. In this respect, Islamist terrorists HAVE MORE MATCHES THAN WE HAVE FEET. As the Jews have discovered in Palistine, there is no "reasoning" with a Hamas terrorist, and there is always some new, brainwashed sap to take up the arms of their martyred comrade. Therefore, it will someday become necessary for the US to take extremely draconian measures to put today's Islamist Jahadi out of business. Which begets the following question: Just how are we to convince death-cult terrorists to lay down their arms and accept the evolution of their societies into secular democracies? I believe one likely technique will be to hold the Islamic shrines and holy places hostage. You heard it here first. There will come a day when we will threaten to destroy the holy shrines of Islam if and when al Queda perpetrates another heineous act of terror against us. While there is clearly no mandate for such a step today, a new terrorist attack a la 9/11 could easily bring this unlikely and "impossible" idea into the realm of the possible.
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